The way I created my first online course from scratch

One morning soon after I woke up, I felt something very pleasant, It was kinda a mix of calmness and combativeness. I had the strong desire to do something very important and prove myself that nothing is impossible and here’s no such word as “can’t”...

In the resent time, I was burning with curiosity to figure out how to create an online course, Although I had no experience still I've made up my mind to create an online course from scratch. So, first I needed a topic for my online course. As I am an HR professional and have well enough experience in this field, monitoring every workday routine, analyzing issues every HR professional faces every day, I found that the Human Resouces department has a pivotal role in managing cybersecurity in any organization. The role of human resources given that some cybersecurity problems emerge due to the actions of an organization's workforce, human resources teams, alongside information technology professionals, can play a crucial role in the fight against cybercrime at the office, Human Resources Online detailed. This is especially true because the data that HR professionals work with is often the most vulnerable to attack. when I googled this topic there were not any online courses for HR professionals to learn the main issues around cybersecurity. So I made up my mind to design the online course which would be workable for HR professionals. After completing my course they would have enough awareness about cybersecurity main issues an would be able to manage cybersecurity with the joint help and collaboration of HR and IT professionals within an organization, and Here it is the title of my online course ''The HR professional’s guide to cybersecurity''. After designing the title, I started creating content for my course and structuring it. Then I started researching online platforms to publish my course. After long research, I chose and began step by step following their guidelines. For every Udemy course there are Quality Checklist :

  • HD video;

  • good audio;

  • 5 lectures or more;

  • At least 30 minutes of video content.

Now it was time to digitalize and visualize my content, so I needed to find the tool for it, I had no money to purchase any e-learning course creation programs or tools, suddenly while watching multiple video tutorials about e-learning course creation, one tutorial grabbed my attention and after watching it I found that Microsoft PowerPoint is perfect for the creation e-learning course for free. Below are some promptings:

  • Create content with animations

  • Record your speech and add it over each text.

  • Rehearse slide show.

  • Export slide show to video.

And ''voila'' content is digitalized and converted into the e-learning module. I separated the Powerpoint presentation in each module and separately exported them in video format. So after all these efforts, I was able to check the first issue from Udemy Quality Checklist.

The second important issue is good audio recordings. I used the Sony ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder, but you need to know that the quality of recorded audio must be good. So I found the next perfect tool clear my voice and denoise it, here it is Wondershare Filmora, It has a free trial, and you are allowed to use the denoise function for absolutely free.

Finally, all my efforts create the online course resulted in that I've become an eligible instructor of Udemy and My course passed quality control and is being published.

So I hope my post boosted your motivation and after reading it you are also convinced that there’s no such word as “can’t”...

Here it is the course I've created and as my reader, if you subscribe to my site I'll provide you with the coupon code and any advice about the e-learning course creation you can cut development costs without sacrificing quality.

The HR professional’s guide to cybersecurity

The HR professional’s guide to cybersecurity

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