The way I first found myself inspired to build a better mind

Updated: Jul 18

It was many and many a year ago... In a kingdom by the sea..., It was poetry opening of my story :), so let's start and dive into these the darkest days of my life, back then I was extremely frustrated, I felt like as if entire 25 years of mine I was dreaming and suddenly I woke up, everything and everyone faded out, It was the weirdest and the most painful feeling. My self-esteem was becoming lower and lower, one-day I continued reading the book which I had paused for a while. The central character of the novel is a young man whose overwhelmed goodness, open-hearted simplicity, and guilelessness lead him to soul destruction. So after reading this whole novel, It has already been clear for me why Fyodor Dostoevsky named his book, ''The IDIOT", and also I believed in that you are not granted by others for your overwhelmed kindness to them, on the contrary, you are punished and disgusted. Science then, I always remember and never forget to keep a balance between overwhelmed kindness and benevolence. After finishing the story about this young man called Idiot, I felt like I discovered one door of my mind which was locked and never have been opened till that moment, and suddenly I felt something nice.

Gradually soul was becoming brighter and lighter, hence, I was very engaged in reading and start reading another Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel ''The Brothers Karamazov'', I call it the book of my life, the reason is that it taught me to live, They say that Fyodor Dostoevsky shows dark sides of Humans, I'd prefer to say a bit rather different, it makes you travel through the Human mind and shows you every corner of it, portrays all the depths of the human soul. You feel like someone bares your soul, and unwillingly sharing your secrets with someone, but in the end, you realize that It was hypnotherapy with the most reliable psychologist. so this story taught Who we, humans, really are, what to expect from them, and especially from your own self. Now I am able to distinguish what kind of person is guileless, Realizing all these led me to the idea to never set too high expectations for others, only for myself, don't let that awful feeling, frustration, conquer my mind, so as a result, now I am focused on my goals and doing my best to achieve them.

For these reasons, I felt that my mind began sculpting to a positive position, but when I looked through my private, social, career, healthy life realized that It was paused for a particular period. It was all my fault, it was all my mind. At the same time, I was suffering from sleeping problems, I slept only three or two hours per night, so one day I made up my mind to read something new, there was a book fair, a sudden one book caught my eyes, I checked It, name of this book was ''Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman'', which is a collection of 24 short stories by Japanese author Haruki Murakami. while reading these stories I experienced surreal and dreamlike feelings, I felt my mind was stress-free and calm, step by step my sleep cycle was becoming better and better. I would especially like to mention my favorite story, ''Birthday Girl'' from this collection. In my point of view, this story has the most surrealistic ending, everyone interprets ending differently, but for me, It was most inspiring ending, hence I've made up my mind that my only wish will be never to have any wish again! I realized that you should not stop struggling for your goals, Despite avoiding challenges always dive into them, do your best and there wouldn't be any not granted wish.

So, this was Brief Introduction, How's begun my adventure building a better mind. My next story is about what forced me to build a better body and where all these efforts led to me.

My readers, while I am creating my next story highly recommend you looking through these books.

The lowest prices books

Birthday Girl

Haruki Murakami (author)

eBook (24 Jan 2019) | English, $2.43


The Idiot

Fyodor Dostoyevsky (author), Eva Martin (author)

eBook (07 Apr 2020) | English, $2.92




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