Three Workout methods provide physical and mental benefits

Updated: Jul 4

My Readers, I can't wait to share with you the story about my next pilgrimage to a better mind.

Soon after I was likely escaped from illusory life of mine full of dummies and phantasms, I was fully determined to go for those things I've always wanted to do but never found time and enough money for my willings. So I got my courage up to say no to others and don't disrupt my plans for the sake of others, as I was used to doing it very often. I bought a membership package at the gym center. Hence, I always had a passion for the strong and powerful women It wasn't surprising for me that the kickboxing group class was first the thing that grabbed my attention.

The Kickboxing Workout Routine involved several rounds:

I Round - warm-up exercises - jumping rope or running for 30 minutes;

II Round - punch/kick/knee combo for 30 minutes;

II Round - push-ups, burpees for 2 minutes, jump squats for 1 minute, jump lunges, alternating legs with each jump for 1 minute;

IV Rounds - abs series for 15 minutes, plank series in various positions for 3 minutes.

In the beginning, It turned out to be difficult for me because doing all this stuff requires huge energy and besides doing it took a lot of willpower, but after each workout, I found that I felt stronger, stress-free, disciplined. It was weird for me that doing all these activities needed huge energy but at the same time, all those activities provided me twice as much energy. After the tough workday No matter how exhausted I was, I still felt motivated to attend the kickboxing group class.

After each Kickboxing Workout, gradually whole dullness was disappearing and I was becoming a different person with a sculpted body and better mind full of happy vibes, stress-free, all the fears about facing challenges of life fading out, I overcame the fear losing people. It seemed to me so that there was not any challenge for me I wasn't able to face it and solve it. It sounds a bit silly but I felt as powerful as Magneto from Marvel Comics X-men. So regarding Kickboxing, my Physical and Mental Stamina is seemingly improved, also It is worth mentioning that my body weight and shape were significantly changed.

My second favorite activity is long-distance running with a relevant music playlist. Running helps me get isolated and I enjoy the conversation between me and my mind, no matter how burned out I feel myself still the running is the best recipe for chillaxing.

My third fresh new favorite activity is Barre workout, I chanced upon this workout while surfing on youtube trying to find an appropriate and also effective fitness program for a home workout due in the pandemic period. Finally, I stopped my choice at POPSUGAR Fitness, which provides various full-body workouts I intuitively turned on Barre workout by Marnie Alton. and Now I am completely obsessed with the Barre workout, and I'm looking forward to sharing with you my experience trying this workout, briefly in this post and widely in my next post. So This fitness program is essentially a mixture of ballet-inspired exercises, yoga, and Pilates. The barre method uses your body weight for resistance and focuses on small, deliberate movements that focus on specific groups of muscles, specifically muscles that aren’t used in other workouts. Aerobic exercise is also be used in this method, as the idea is to increase cardiovascular endurance while increasing the body’s metabolism to burn fat. Barre workouts require minimal equipment. It incorporates the use of upbeat music and engaging choreography. When working out is fun and enjoyable, your chances of staying with the program greatly increase. It effectively increases mind-body awareness and mental clarity. Focus and concentration are required to perform the small precise movements utilized in barre.

After working long hours, dealing with difficult people, and being under constant pressure, I used to become tired and fatigued. As a consequence of fatigue and exhaustion, I experienced high levels of anxiety and stress, display disruptive sleep patterns, suffer digestive problems, I enjoyed doing barre workout, because It allowed my mind to concentrate solely on my technique increases feelings of relaxation and decreases stress levels. Endorphins released during physical activity increased my general sense of well-being, after a certain period my belly fat somewhere disappeared, the legs become thinner, also my energy was significantly increased, I was able to manage fatigue in the workplace.

Barre Eclipse is one of my favorites

So this is How me, my body, and my life has benefited from these physical activities:

All these efforts led me to the well-sculpted body, and a well-sculpted body led me to a better mind with a strong-willed and combative personality, a strong-will and combative personality lead me to the success in my career path and personal life.

I can't wait to share with you my next stories about benefits and the fruits of sculpting my better mind, So stick with me.

Bellow, you can check links of all my favorite workout programs and gears. If you subscribe to my site, I'll provide you with the free barre workout training program and with music playlist for boosting your stamina to long-distance run.

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